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What is the project about?Zoci.io, is proud to unveil its breakthrough RPC services, aiming to revolutionize interaction with Decentralized applications and Smart Contracts. Unlike contemporary public RPC services, Zoci prioritize advanced security measures and fully customizable options, providing tailored experiences for users. Zoci introduces innovative features like Zero Metadata capability. This feature ensures that all metadata is erased after a successful relay, providing complete transaction privacy. Another feature is the Txh Guard feature, which acts as a shield against phishing threats and suspicious interactions. This protects users’ digital assets and sensitive information by ensuring that users only engage with legitimate and official sources. One-click setup process provides an unparalleled experience to users. The platform’s ready-to-use templates make this possible, making the process completely smooth. Additionally, the Advanced Admin Panel for fully customized configurations makes the onboarding process hassle-free and empowers users with easy access to all features and capabilities. What makes your project unique? Zero Metadata, Customizable RPC, Multi-chain, Txh Guard, Easy setup History of your project. Started in 2022, solving the problem of the RPC data leaks/security issues What’s next for your project? Launching on all major chains What can your token be used for? Utility for the services
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