Where Did The ETH Go? (Pulsechain)

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## What is Where Did The ETH Go? (WHETH) The most memeble crypto founder in history is being asked the question: Where did the eth go, King Richard? WHETH is a celebration of free money and up and to the right economics that shouldn’t happen. Welcome to crypto! ## Who are the founders of WHETH? WHETH was launched on 3rd of August 2023 by the founders of upcoming community centric DEX & yield farm 9inch.io Founder’s other projects are PoorPleb ($PP) and Pulsedoge ($PLD). WHETH is part of HexyBastard ecosystem. ## What is unique about WHETH? WHETH is an experimental meme token. It was fair launched with a twist, simultaneously on Ethereum and PulseChain. Half of the supply was given for free to the early community of 9inch.io and half was put in liquidity. As the token is launched by the founders of the DEX 9inch and held by the community, one could speculate there might be heavy incentive of DAO voting to get good yield in the LP farms and/or single sided pools. ## WHETH Tokenomics NO ADMIN KEYS ZERO TAX Launched on PULSECHAIN & ETHEREUM 50% TOKEN SUPPLY AIRDROPPED TO $9INCH COMMUNITY 50% TOKEN SUPPLY IN LIQUIDITY TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY 1,000,000 on ETH and 1,000,000 on Pulsechain Same contract address, but independent price performance
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