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vKSM (voucher KSM) is a liquid staking derivative (LSD) of staked KSM, with fully underlying KSM reserve and yield-bearing feature of KSM staking reward. Users can deposit KSM into Bifrost SLP protocol and get vKSM as return, vKSM can be traded in the open market or be redeemed back to KSM. Holding vKSM equals to holding the KSM staking position, staking rewards appriciate the exchange price of vKSM. Why vKSM? 1. Liquid Staking The product allows users to stake KSM for liquid vToken, (vKSM). vKSM will keep receiving staking rewards and can continue to be used in Bifrost and Kusama-based DeFi for additional rewards. 2. Automatically Staking rewards capturing without scenario limitations SLP will issue Staking rewards to vKSM by adjusting the price of vKSM / KSM upwards. vKSM Rate = SLP Staking KSM (SUM) / vKSM Total Issuance. 3. Floating redemption period, vKSM redemption ≤ 7 days While Kusama’s original chain Staking has a fixed 7-day redemption period, Bifrost SLP helps users to realize the possibility of early vKSM redemption by matching the real-time vKSM minting quantity with the redemption quantity at the protocol layer in the form of a queue. Theoretically, it can achieve second-level redemption. 4. Higher Staking Yield In the SLP protocol, the protocol screens more than 10 verified nodes through governance (subsequently increasing with the overall staking volume) and adds multiple filters such as the number of nominees, commission ratio, and history of blocks out to maximize the return of this verifier portfolio while ensuring that none of the nodes have experienced slashes. 5. Multi-environment Compatibility vKSM is one of Substrate assets in Bifrost parachain, by using the HRMP channels between Bifrost and others, it can be easily utilized in EVM, WASM and Substarte competiable parachains.
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