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"The Idols NFT - Guardians of Ethereum TLDR: -10k PFP project merging the power of DeFi with the strengths of NFTs, The Idols earn passive income forever as they protect Ethereum -The Virtuous Cycle, an innovative flywheel that rewards NFT owners and $VIRTUE stakers -Goldlist instead of whitelist (see below) -Official Collaborations: LIDO Finance / Bankless / Cre8torDAO / Others -Advisors: DCFGod / Gabriel Haines / Small Cap Scientist / Others A fully community-aligned Web3 project: -100% of proceeds from the ""mint"" (The Offering) was converted to LIDO's stETH and deposited into the Treasury -100% of staking rewards from Idol Treasury distributed to Idol NFT owners -100% of commissions on secondary sales distributed directly to $VIRTUE stakers -As opposed to mint proceeds + commissions, team compensation solely in the form of NFTs + $VIRTUE -Team NFTs have a 1 year lock, + team $VIRTUE allocation vests on performance based schedule (not simply time-based) -Goldlist offers $VIRTUE that vests alongside team allocation Additional Features: -Idol Treasury is fully immutable and smart-contract controlled (not a multi-sig) with no privileged admin access -Idol NFTs trade on The Idols' own native marketplace, ensuring there will always be a liquid and open market for Idol NFTs. Website: Official docs: Discord: "
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