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Q2 tokens are for decentralized governance of the Players’ DAO. Q2s empower players, streamers, developers, and token holders with the opportunity to own and govern the future of video games and gaming in the metaverse. Quarters and Q2s are a two-token buy-and-burn system, where Q2s are the decentralized governance token for the Players’ DAO. The Q2 token-holder community can vote on grant opportunities for game developers and crowdfund specific game projects. Pocketful of Quarters (POQ), one of the world’s biggest blockchain gaming projects with over 100 titles and 2M wallets and players to date, has the first compliant and interoperable videogame currency for the metaverse. Quarters are a patented cross-game, cross-platform digital currency enabled by blockchain technology. Tokens that move across games mean flexibility for both players and developers, enabling a multiplier effect on games played and expansion of their social communities. 15% of the revenue of all Quarters sales is distributed to Q2 holders, via buy & burn.
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