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What is Point Network? Website: https://pointnetwork.io Point Network is world's first full Web 3.0 implementation, also known as decentralized internet. Tor, Bittorrent, Bitcoin, Ethereum - all these projects were stepping stones on the way to the Holy Grail — decentralized internet, also known as web 3.0. Open for everyone, censorship-resistant, permissionless, privacy-oriented internet with programmable money built right in. We are not there yet. There are many projects calling themselves "web3", but they still use: • centralized domains which can be taken away by domain registrars • centralized storage which can and does get censored by cloud providers • and browser extensions like Metamask which can be pulled by extension stores at any moment. Point Labs has invented and built Point Network, the first of its kind network which decentralizes every major component of the legacy internet: decentralized domains, decentralized storage, decentralized identities. Which makes this architecture censorship-resistant and mass-surveillance-resistant, and capable of finally fulfilling the dream of a fully decentralized internet, Web 3.0. Find out more at https://pointnetwork.io What is POINT token? Point Chain is a Proof-of-Stake chain, and POINT can be staked to be used as a collateral by validators. The approximate rewards can be seen here: https://pointnetwork.io/calculator POINT token is a utility token, meant to be used on the network, and not intended for investment or speculation purposes.
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