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NPC DAO is a community swap from NOLE NPC, and its mission is: NPC DAO is the protest of the cheated generation, condemned to a standard of living that is worse than their parents. A generation crushed by several consecutive crises, in which being a graduate or not having finished elementary school does not make a significant difference to your salary prospects. A generation under constant bombardment from incessant media whose only recourse Is to simply deaden their reaction and lower their heads in conformity to today’s middle class mediocrity; the painful hangover left to us from successive incompetent governments. But what if all these people decided to unite to change this situation? Should we really have to pay off previous generations debt? Do we have to settle for a university grant that barely gives us enough to pay for a basic internet service and a flat share? Are we always going to be destined to work 12 hour shifts to collect a paltry salary in a currency that governments are constantly devaluing to impoverish us? What if this penalised generation got together and agreed on something? On something important, such as sharing wealth more fairly? Governments and large corporations believe that they have already have us under their thumb!
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