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KOLnet is a marketing launchpad connecting projects to micro KOLs by utilizing multichain token pools and Proof of Marketing. This is a new way to raise funds through target marketing in which investors providing value will be able to participate. KOLnet is decentralized marketing. The blockchain industry allows KOLnet to explore the potential of marketing technology or MarTech, as they call it. Its protocol monetizes key opinion leaders and decentralizes crowd influence by utilizing token swaps through multi-chain token pools in a Marketing DEX, providing liquidity, low cost, scalability, trust, and transparency. KOLnet is an innovative, transparent, and fair launchpad that allows early-stage projects to optimize their marketing strategy through Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs). Verification of any marketing work and token settlement is automated via Proof of Marketing (POM). An intuitive and user-friendly way of verifying the marketing performance of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLS). Post-launch projects will in the future be able to lock their discounted native tokens or stable coins into a KOLnet pool; in order that KOLS can join and enable marketing value to be gained from KOLS. Enhancing token economies through marketing can boost; project campaign growth, brand advocacy, product awareness, and drive to purchase decisions.
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