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# What is Kokoa Finance (KSD, KOKOA)? Kokoa Finance is the first crypto-asset-backed stablecoin platform built for the Klaytn blockchain. Kokoa Finance is permissonless and entirely on-chain, adopting two-token system: KSD and KOKOA. KSD is decentralized stablecoin operating by collateralizing crypto-asset, whereas KOKOA is a governance token for KokoaDAO. KokoaDAO is a decentralized organization targeting to manage the sustainability and soundness of the KSD monetary system. Users can participate in KokoaDAO by staking KOKOA. # What Makes Kokoa Finance Unique? Aforementioned, KSD is a crypto-collateralized decentralized stablecoin, provided exclusively by Kokoa Finance. Using Kokoa Finance, users can borrow KSD stablecoin without paying any nominal cost. Furthermore, Kokoa Finance internally utilizes “Flash Mint” mechanism, allowing users to easily create leveraged positions. These features contribute to the construction of user-friendly ecosystem, which in turn promote the growth of the entire network. # How are KSD minted and how does KSD maintain its price stability? KSD is a crypto-asset-backed stablecoin, maintaining its price stability via managing various types of collaterals in vaults, and also charging stability fee. Collateral Vaults are constantly monitored with price oracles. Based on the monitoring result, long-term demand and supply of KSD is adjusted thereby conserving its pegging with USD. Moreover, KokoaFarm Labs has also launched i4i, its StableSwap DEX of which functionality is expected to be expanded as it combines CryptoPool. As a consequence, KSD prices can also stay stabilized for some short-term period
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