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The finby protocol is a solution that deconstructs a link from a past centralized on large corporations and governments. Using the blockchain and the Defi concept, we created the first CoFinancing platform, which is basically the evolution of crowdfund, collective buying, consortium, and p2p lending. All on the same protocol. Finby is bringing people a simple, real and very effective solution, which allows them to access credit from any source. Through our protocol, anyone can make their dream come true, whether it's a new car, a house, a trip or studying at the dream college. No bureaucracy, interest or high fees. We present the best of both worlds. For the digital economy, we will provide easy access to NFT's, cryptos and the metaverse, bringing people together with the same goal. We will enable people to be able to play and acquire the best skins and tools, or to be able to buy the first land in a metaverse city. And all collaboratively! Our protocol aims to strengthen relationships, with the first humanized platform on the market. A complete ecosystem. And regardless of your objective, Finby will be there, by your side, helping and assisting you to make this reality simpler and more accessible.
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