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"What Is IPULSE (PLS)? Ipulse is a promising decentralized project focused on organic growth. Ipulse uses the A.R.P (Automatic Recovery Protocol) to PROTECT INVESTORS AGAINST PRICE FLUCTURES. IPULSE PROTOCOL IS A PROMOTIONAL TOKEN OFFERING A FAIR COMMUNITY-FOCUSED PARTNERSHIP. ABOUT IPULSE AUTOMATIC RECOVERY PROTOCOL (A.R.P) Ipulse A.R.P ( Automatic Recovery Protocol) is a revolutionary innovation built on the BLOCKCHAIN algorithm for Ipulse investors. It is designed to enable Ipulse A.R.P investors to participate in the operation of the network. Therefore, those who own the crypto currency are entitled to vote for any proposed change to the percentile reference. Ipulse A.R.P derives its presence from the strength and relevance of its investors. It is possible to say that there is a linear and positive correlation between the Investor Confidence Index and Ipulse A.R.P. for a negative correlation, there must be an Investor Confidence Index. The Ipulse Team is responsible for making the necessary A.R.P adjustments for negative correlation. Working Principle; Ipulse Automatic Recovery Protocol buys its own crypto-asset back into liquid pools to avoid price fluctuations above acceptability, to minimize the effects of manipulable crypto-asset markets. As the market volatility subsides, Ipulse A.R.P releases crypto assets from their liquid pools. This principle avoids panic selling for those new to the crypto-asset world, while at the same time positively reinforcing Ipulse Holders' Investor Confidence Indices."
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