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GOBI Labs has been adding value to the Solana ecosystem since early 2022. We are a group of misfits that builds, invests & incubates premium consumer facing web3 products on the Solana blockchain powered by the native token, $GOBI The GOBI token, an ecosystem token, is focused on giving users new ways to interact with web3. The GOBI token allows for you, the end user, to interact with everything that we create and incubate. Currently, we have two real world uses for our GOBI token. The first is with our merchandise business The Ormuz, where you can use the token as a discount when shipping apparel to your home. The Ormuz ships worldwide and is for B2B and B2C. The second is with our marketing agency, Puzzles. If you are looking to enter into web3 and need a hand with marketing, design or community we are the piece that can bring it all together. On chain we also have a DEX, called Marco Polo, that returns value to not just those with LP but projects (we call it Swap2Share), and users (we call it Swap2Earn). Finally GOBI is used as the vehicle to fund our incubation, currently we have a sports book up and running called The Colosseum.
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