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What is the project about? A cross-chain zero-trust DEX and leading AMM DEX on TON What makes your project unique? is a Request For Quote (RFQ)-based cross-chain exchange that relies on Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTLC) to atomically execute cross-chain swaps. This approach eliminates the need for additional trusted entities and offers a combination of deep liquidity and price stability usually associated with RFQ-based exchanges, alongside uncompromising security typically found in intrachain DEXs. Since the protocol doesn’t make any trust assumptions for the participants, we define it as a Zero-Trust Cross-Chain DEX. History of your project. was founded in May 2022. On November 20 AMM DEX on TON was launched. What’s next for your project? Cross-chain swaps starting with TON-TRON swaps, then EVM-compatible chains as well as DAO Governance and Telegram Web application. What can your token be used for? GEMSTON is an engagement token used to incentivize active participation in the protocol. The GEMSTON tokens are funded to staker’s wallet in the form of fungible tokens on TON Blockchain and can be freely transferred, traded, or held at staker’s discretion.
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