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What is the project about? The Gauro Protocol is built on the Ethereum network with a primary focus on simplifying the delivery of investment, reward compounding, and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services to the community in the crypto-space. What makes your project unique? One of the special features of Gauro is called the Compound Reward Protocol (CRP). It's like a system that automatically increases the amount of $GAURO. This makes it really easy for people to earn rewards and compound them because you just need to hold $GAURO tokens in your wallet. The Gauro Protocol is committed to continuous expansion, with plans to introduce various decentralized applications (DApps) and other services. Notably, the project aims to launch a Staking DApp after the conclusion of the 14-day CRP cycle. This DApp will provide users with a secure and efficient means of managing their assets, allowing them to earn greater rewards within the Gauro Protocol. In addition to the Staking DApp, the Gauro Protocol intends to implement a Tax Reduction Mechanism. History of your project. The Gauro Protocol is the first project we built. What’s next for your project? We will update on social channels. What can your token be used for? Gauro aspires to create an ecosystem where users can easily earn, compound, and manage their assets while reducing transaction costs, thereby promoting financial inclusivity and sustainability in the world of decentralized finance.
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