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"Da Pinchi" is a memecoin project built on the Ethereum blockchain, characterized by its unique blend of cryptocurrency and social impact initiatives. Here's a clear and concise description: Purpose: The primary mission of Da Pinchi is to support local fishermen through charitable contributions. This is achieved by leveraging a portion of the transactions within its ecosystem, including buy/sell taxes and merchandise sales. Function and Utility: Eat 2 Earn Program: This initiative rewards users with Da Pinchi tokens when they order food from EZ Lobster Company. It's akin to a crypto-based cashback system for the actual IRL company - EZ Lobster. cWorld Metaverse: Da Pinchi is integrating a virtual world called cWorld, developed on Unity. This metaverse offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, or rent virtual land plots, and it supports various activities like building stores or creating games and apps. Charitable Foundation: A significant aspect of Da Pinchi is its dedication to charitable causes, specifically aiding small-scale fishermen. A part of the project's revenue is allocated to the Da Pinchi Foundation for this purpose. Tokenomics: The project involves a token system where transactions contribute to both the project's growth and its charitable endeavors. The token also has utility within the cWorld metaverse. This is a real company that sells Lobster in Maine - including registration images below.
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