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We provide trustworthy Carbon Compensation to businesses and individuals through NFTrees, CO2 tokens and PoCC certificates The mission of Coorest is to make carbon compensation easy and transparent Coorest provides new and improved carbon standard combined with a global high-quality CO2 compensation platform by offering a 100% traceable easy-to-use platform to companies, institutions, and individuals. The Coorest carbon ecosystem has four tokens; NFTrees, CO2 token ($CCO2), Proof of Carbon Compensation certificate (NFT), and a governance token ($CRST). Through the tokenization of trees, absorbed CO2 and the claim on carbon compensation, the problem of double counting of compensated carbon emissions is avoided. Via the Coorest platform, retail, companies, and institutions can easily compensate for their carbon footprint while having maximum transparency. Coorest introduces two types of NFTrees that are linked to either fruit-bearing or regular trees. Holders of these Coorest NFTrees, trees planted and owned by Coorest, accumulate CO2 tokens for generating PoCC certificates. Once the fruit-bearing trees are planted and mature enough to produce fruit, the NFTree holder has the right to that fruit’s profit, therefore, generating an additional yield. The combination of revenue through the sales of CO2 tokens and yield-bearing possibilities associated with a tree ensures voluntary markets continue to drive finance to catalyze and generate additional emission reductions and removals.
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