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What is the project about? ClashMon:Ignition (hereinafter referred to as "ClashMon") is a web browser-based collectible RPG game. ClashMon is designed to bring together the excitement of collecting various character of uniqueness and forming a team to indulge in the various contents. The game redefines the concept of gaming by offering a chance to participate as a member of the web3 ecosystem and experience the sense of achievement that comes from trading in-game assets on your own. What makes your project unique? It will be the very first game on Base Mainnet and It's NFT Topped Base's "On-chain Summer" in terms of Number of Unique minters, and number of mints History of your project. The game will be launced on 19/Sep/2023 What’s next for your project? Lauching the game What can your token be used for? In game Token
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