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BounceBit is the first-ever native BTC Restaking chain. The BounceBit network is secured by staking both Bitcoin and BounceBit tokens. BounceBit's PoS mechanism introduces a unique dual-token staking system by leveraging native BTC security with full EVM compatibility. In a groundbreaking move, BounceBit introduces the mixed DeFi and CeFi yield mechanism, allowing BTC holders to earn yields through native validator staking, DeFi ecosystem, and a CeFi mirroring mechanism powered by Ceffu and Mainnet Digital. The $BB token has several uses on the BounceBit platform: Staking: Stake $BB to actively participate in the PoS dual-token staking mechanism. Protocol Incentive: The token is paid out as staking reward to validators who secure the network. Gas: $BB is the denomination of the gas fees that are required to conduct transactions and execute smart contracts. Governance: Use $BB to participate in on-chain governance, e.g. voting on protocol upgrades. Currency: $BB can be used as currency on the BounceBit platform. It can be used in various applications and infrastructure, as medium of exchange or store of value. BounceBit’s Layer 1 consists of the following components: Dual-token PoS: A hybrid consensus mechanism where each validator can accept both $BBTC and $BB tokens; Native LSD module: A module allowing the delegation of staking to validators and receiving a LST voucher in return. BounceBit has a foundational CeFi layer which consists of below components: Regulated Custody: All user funds are stored in secure custody solutions utilizing MPC wallets. Off-Exchange Settlement (OES): OES enables safe access to CEX liquidity, while transactions are settled off-exchange.
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